All Prospective MAGFest 2018 Performers Contacted

Greetings Musical MAGFestians! =)

As initially advertised on our performer application form, today (7/7) is our artist contact deadline. In other words, if you as an artist have been booked to perform on main stage for MAG 2018, then we have already reached out to you. If you have not been contacted by us at this point, then you have not been selected to perform at MAGFest 2018.

As always, the number of talented and deserving acts is far greater than the amount of slots that we can book on any given year. No matter how hard we try, this will always be the truth; there’s just too damn many of you donutastic cats to book at once. An embarrassment of riches if you will. It remains our favorite “problem” in MAG music.

All the same, endless love and thanks to every single one of you who applied this round. We continue to be overwhelmed by your diverse, incredible talents each and every year, and do our very best to curate the greatest MAGFest that we can from said talent pool. We can’t wait to start sharing who we’ve selected for the next batch of MAGFest musical shenanigans. Stay tuned to MAGFest Social Media in the coming months to get the full lowdown.

Much love & donuts,
The Super MAGFest Music Team