Full Main Stage Chiptune Lineup Revealed!

After many weeks of tempting and teasing, the full MAGFest 2016 main stage chiptune lineup is finally revealed!! Feast your eyes & ears upon the gloriousness!

Super duper sexy flyer by SBthree & Wayne Kubiak

For more details, check out the various performer bios here and the visualist bios here!

And, of course, don't miss the typical crazy antics at Chipspace, which includes these curated showcases:

Super duper pooptastic flyer by ohhinaifu

And OH SNAP! Even a Day Zero Chipspace Pre-Party!

More friendly poop by ohhinaifu

Can't attend MAG? That sucks, but at least you can livestream the chip goodness via MAG Twitch for main stage and via Clipstream for Chipspace!

Who says MAGFest doesn't love chiptune? 8-)