MAGFest Hotel Booking Policies: New for MAGFest 2018!

We're painfully aware of how difficult it was last year to book a hotel room in the Gaylord, as well as the rest of National Harbor. To give MAGFest attendees as much of a chance as possible to book a room, we are doing everything we can to help slow the rate of room booking. That means if you're planning on booking a room, there are some very important changes to the booking process that you should be aware of:

We are requiring a one-night deposit

When booking a room at the Gaylord, you'll be required to put down a one-night refundable deposit (~$200 at the Gaylord). This should help decrease the rate of people who would previously book a room "just in case," and people who are more seriously planning to attend will more likely be able to do so. To ensure you can reserve a room, it is recommended you begin any necessary financial planning immediately so that you are prepared to pay the deposit.

We are initially only releasing the booking link to registered people

When we launch pre-registration, there will be a new checkbox on the pre-reg form to indicate that you are interested in booking a room in National Harbor. At some point in the days following the opening of pre-registration, we will send the hotel booking link to those who indicated interest. We will not be posting the hotel booking link publicly until reasonably sufficient time has passed for the registered people to receive the link. Out of respect of your fellow attendees, we ask that you help us slow the rate of room reservations by not sharing the link publicly.

Make sure you sign up for our hotel mailing list to get the latest scoop on registration for MAGFest 2018!