MAGQuest This Weekend!

The MAGFest crew heads to California to rally local community events, and to pave the way for MAGWest! Come join us for September 24&25, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara for MAGQuest, a FREE Bay Area geek community gathering. We'll play games, listen to great music, hear from other events in the area, and continue planning our long road to MAGWest! Representatives from AOD, GaymerX, and more events/communities will be swinging by, so you can learn more about the awesome groups that have been around the neighborhood long before us!

Put that all together with arcade machines, consoles, and performances from...

... and you've got yourself a hell of an event! Our formal scheduled activities and concerts will be on Saturday, with further informal hangouts/gaming happening on Sunday. Hope to see y'all there!

Event Schedule:


11:00am - Doors open to public
2:00pm - Meet MAGFest!
3:00pm - Meet AODCon!
3:45pm - Meet GaymerX!
4:30pm - Break, hangout
7:00pm - Continuum Kingdom
8:00pm - Petriform
9:00pm - Super MadNES
10:00pm - Viking Guitar
11:00pm - Super Soul Bros.


10am-ish - 7pm-ish Informal hangout, gaming, planning, and jamming