MAGStock 6 Music Update

We've got just over a month left until MAGStock and that means that announcement time is upon us. We've got three more acts to announce who'll be playing over the weekend: an0va, Wreck The System and Thrillkiller.

an0va is a project created by Daniel Davis that uses vintage computers and retro machines to produce massive electronic music. Currently located in Richmond VA, an0va has been featured and referenced in FACT Magazine, Wired Magazine, and Richmond's local press outlet Style Weekly. an0va has performed music in locations such as New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and was also a featured main-stage chiptune artist during MAGfest 2015. While early shows centered on technical guitar playing and punk-rock energy, current and future shows can expect a night of thunderous lo-bit bass.

Wreck The System is the codename for Hip-Hop’s highly trained special MC force. It’s purpose, to defend your ears from WACKMC, a ruthless terrorist organization set out to rule the airwaves with bland lyrics and carbon-copied music. (You may also remember them from this video, shot at MAGFest 2016.)

Created by Rob Bradley alongside Maxim Sobchenko. Thillkiller explores the boundaries of rock, pop, and metal creating a sound totally unique to itself. Thrillkiller was created after their previous band, Aries, concluded their 8 years together as a band. Performing alongside acts such as Sebastian Bach, The Protomen, Symphony X, and many others, Thrillkiller now works together with engineer Matt Bittman (Imagine Dragons, Mars Volta, Slipknot) to deliver exciting music that is difficult to resist.

Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements coming next week! And as always, you can check out the running list of musicians at MAGStock here.