MAGStock 6

Going six years strong, it’s time once again for MAGStock: Raccoon Tent City Edition! MAGStock is MAGFest’s weekend camping event. This year it’s June 17-19 at Small Country Campground in Louisa, VA, just outside of Richmond. The cost of a badge for the weekend is $50, and there are only 550 tickets available so they will sell out. Use those reflexes you built up at Pop’n Music at MAGFest and get those tickets!

If you’ve never been to a MAGStock and are wondering what you might expect, you can be sure there will be:

  • Live Music! Just like MAGFest, we invite many musicians to play! And starting off our list of announcements for those, we’ve got SUPER GUITAR BROS. Keep an eye out for more acts by following our performers page!
  • Being outside! It’s…it’s a camping trip guys. You’re gonna be outside. But the good news is that there are all sorts of wonderful things that await you if you choose to brave the dangers of the Daystar! Things like A GIANT LAKE to swim in. Also things like…
  • COOKING OUTSIDE WITH FRIENDS and RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION OF ADULT BEVERAGES (if you’re 21+) – it’s just like MAGFest, but with more cooking!

For more information on what to bring and where it is, please check out the MAGStock webpage.