One Month To MAGStock: Event Updates

With just one month left until MAGStock 6, we should probably tell you about the events we have scheduled so you can plan accordingly, right? This year, in addition to all of our musical guests, we have two major competitions to keep an eye out for: The Chili Cookoff and the Best Campsite Competition.


HEY. Do you like COOKING? Do you like COOKING OUTSIDE? Do you like BEING BETTER THAN PEOPLE? Then BOY HOWDY do I have good news for you, because back by popular demand (by which we mean if anyone opposed it we’d have to throw them out a window like Hans Gruber) the MAGStock Iron Chef competition rides again! UNLIKE in years past, however, this year’s event is a chili cookoff – and the secret ingredient is FREEDOM.

Full official rules available at the MAGStock Facebook event page. Entry limit of six (6) contestants this year. Prizes to be determined/feared. Rule highlights: All food prep and cooking must take place on campground premises, food must be ready by judging time on Saturday, don't kill anyone.


S.C.A.R.S. Wants YOU!
We are looking for the best field agents out there, and MAGStock 6 weekend is your chance to prove it!
We've seen some pretty rad campsites over the years, and this year, we are looking for the campsite that best fits our chosen theme. The rules are simple:
1) No alteration of your campsite surroundings. This means, no cutting down trees, no lighting things on fire, or otherwise any action that leaves permanent damage to the campground.
2) Your campsite must be directly in-line somehow with our theme. Don't just throw a bunch of fake blood around and hang a couple of fake skeletons, put some effort into it!
3) You must incorporate the MAGStock logo in some form with your campsite design, to identify your campsite as participating in Judging.
4) Bonus points are awarded to attendees that also "dress the part", to go with their campsite design
5) All judging will be done Saturday afternoon, with the winners announced Sunday Morning.
If your campsite is chosen as the best, then you will get four (4) free passes to a future MAG Event! There is one month remaining, so get planning now!


You may remember our shiny new blog we rolled out during PAX East this year. Now that we have it, we want to use it! And what better way to use it than to open it up to YOU, the people who come to MAGFest events every year. With that, we would like to open submissions for Tales From MAGStock! Tales From MAGStock is our way of helping chronicle stories for later generations of MAGFest goers (and/or to help us remember what we did when we were too drunk to remember what we were doing). Here's how it goes: You write your story down, you submit it, and if it's funny, amazing, and/or otherwise engaging, it'll get posted up on the blog, where you will receive endless glory for having your story immortalized on our site (and maybe something else if we get enough good stories).

Now, there are a few caveats to this. These stories are going up in a public space, which means that you can't send us stories about anything illegal. Neither can you send us stories where you straight up tell us you were breaking either our rules or the rules at the campsite - because basically, we don't want you to go to jail, we don't want to immortalize people who break our rules and we certainly don't want anyone flaunting that they did something bad to a place that is very kind to us. Realistically, you probably shouldn't send us anything outright explicit - although exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for tasteful lewdity. We reserve the right to not publish things that are submitted that violate the rules laid out above or otherwise are bad, and we may tell you to clean up your submission and resubmit it if we like it but it's just not publish-worthy.

If you would like to submit a story to Tales From MAGStock, please send an email with the subject "TFM Submission" to our Blogger-in-Chief Adam Seats at Be sure to include your story (either C&P'd into the email itself or as a Word document), a title for the story, what MAGStock it happened at (yes, you can submit old stories!), your name/how you'd like to be credited for your submission, and any pictures you might want included with your story. (Same rules apply to pictures as do to stories, obviously.)

If you're not already on it, be sure to get on our Facebook event page. If you're new to MAGStock, why not look at the Veteran's Guide to MAGStock? If your only motivation for doing things is those sweet sweet cheevos, take a look at our MAGStock Achievements List. Keep your eyes peeled for more information. A month travels quickly, especially when you're waiting for something like this.