Super MAG 2018 Music Announcement #11

Alright folks. Kid gloves coming off. Time for a FULL WEEK of Super MAG 2018 music announcements!

That's right. One announcement every friggin' day of this friggin' week just for friggin' you. #HAWT

Starting with....THE PINK BALL!

What in the world is The Pink Ball you ask? Well, it's certainly not essentially just the MAGProm with the added encouragement to come dressed to it as pink as you possibly prefer and with the goofy catchphrase of "This party's gonna BLOW, so you might as well SUCK it up and dance!" Nope. Not that at all. <(-'.'-)>

At any rate, this year's Thursday Night Extravaganza will feature the following pinktastic performers:

Click and learn! Click and learn!

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no official "formality" to this event beyond what YOU, the attendee, decide is personally necessary. You can come dressed to the 9s or wearing PJs; we don't particularly give a flip. That's all you. All that we care is that you HAVE FUN!