Super MAG 2018 Music Announcement #5

It's now October, the month of spooptasticness! On a completely unrelated note (or is it...?), how about we kick the Super MAG 2018 music announcement machine into OVERDRIVE?!?

For the next few weeks we'll be making new music announcements not once, but twice a week (Mondays & Wednesdays)! And to start it off with a bangola, we're going to announce not two, but three performers today!

And with that said, the fifth Super MAGFest 2018 music announcement is....

VGM starship fighter pilots Vic Viper, 80's retrowave gloriousness Delorean Overdrive, AND the Motley Crue of Geek Rock Sci-Fried!

Click all three of their names for their full performer bios!