Wanna Learn More About Our Collaboration with Pulsewave? We Got The Deets

Hey MAGFam! I’m EMi. You might recognize me from MAGFest events as early as MAGFest 9; I’m the tiny person with silly glasses, ridiculous haircuts, and a giant camera. Besides being a founding member of the Mediatron department, I’m also a co-organizer for Pulsewave along with MAGFest attendees Jenn de la Vega, Dannel Jurado, and Pat Koch.

Pulsewave is a chiptune showcase that’s been running in NYC for over 11 years! Historically we’ve stuck to a monthly schedule, though we’ve changed to bi-monthly for 2017 to keep our events strong and healthy. We have an open mic at every event (5 minutes plug-and-play) so that way we can learn more about up-and-comers in our community, then three curated acts that follow. There’s also a visualist performing alongside the musicians, just like you’ve seen at MAGFest. Speaking of, many acts at Pulsewave go on to play MAGFest and vice versa! We love seeing our local acts go on to succeed on the big stage and we’re also seeking new talent from other localities as well. Plus our shows are all ages so anyone is welcome to attend.

Azuria Sky with diy_destruction, photo by EMiSpicer

Inclusivity is very important to us, and we’re always trying to create lineups that represent the diversity of the chiptune community. Sustainability is a priority for us as well: We cover transportation for all performers we book, and we give them a split from the door in addition to all the profits they make from their merch. We’ve also implemented a design residency program, giving two visualists from our community the opportunity to flex their muscles by designing us fliers, logos, and merch. Continuing our theme of sustainability, we created a zine out of our 2016 fliers and all proceeds raised go directly to the 2017 residents: https://gumroad.com/pulsewave

If you’ve seen our event page already, you may have noticed that the door charge is marked “$10 - $15 sliding scale donation.” We got the idea for that from our hosts at Babycastles, who have also been at MAGFest as a part of the indie arcade! The goal there is to avoid turning people away if their budget is on the tiny side, while also giving folks who are in a better place financially the ability to kick in extra. It’s like a smaller version of MAGFest’s super supporter badge. For 2017 we started something new where if you meet or exceed the max donation, we give you a limited-edition token of our thanks. Presently the reward is a button manufactured by MAGFest community superstar Jonna. So if you’re able, please give generously so we can keep paying people to do what they love.

Monodeer with vaporstack, photo by EMiSpicer

We’re so excited and proud about this month’s collaboration, and we hope we’ll see lots of new faces at our event on April 29th. This will be our first time hosting Professor Shyguy and D&D Sluggers on our stage, and who could ask for better returning performers than Danimal Cannon and magical_grill?

Can’t make the show? We stream every event thanks to the support of our friends at bel-air radio. We’re also archiving all our shows over on Soundcloud, so give it some time and the recordings will end up there too. We all are volunteers, after all!.

Wanna keep in touch? You can follow Pulsewave on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and read our blog. We’re looking forward to getting to know you!

Crying with Miles Joyner, photo by EMiSpicer