PAX East 2017: Day 3

Day 3 at PAX East and we somehow hadn't died yet. We only had a small block of performers, but it was a power-packed few hours while they were on: we had ap0c and his tuba come and blast us away, we had Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band roll through with their unique brand of circus punk/klezmer/marching band madness, there was (T-T)b AKA Those Boys From Boston AKA That Band Whose Name Looks Like An Emoji Ghost throw down their particular pop-punky chiptune stylings, and we had Geeks and Guitars come up and throw down. We also had - wait for it, I know this is surprising - open jam sessions! The open jam sessions throughout the weekend had been sparse due to needing to infringe on them to make sure we could fix some issues for the bands going on, but Sunday was jam central.

A number of us had to leave earlier than we wanted to due to the imminent winter storm warning, so sadly there won't be a bonus post about the Monday night show with Bit Brigade and the Protomen, although we wish them well and that their axes be ever sharp. There WILL be one further post about PAX - an in depth look at some of the games that were on display at PAX as well as (if we can chain our photographers to their desks) a snazzy public photo album for all to see of some of our favorite shots over the weekend. If you got any good pictures in Jamspace this weekend, feel free to send them along to and we'll pick the best ones to throw in the album as well (don't forget to tell us who you are so we can credit you!).

Although there is still that final post incoming, we'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who was on site making this possible - all our volunteers, Rob from geekbeatradio for doing the live stream, our visualists Thresher and Kira City, all the acts who performed, all the folks who got up to jam during open jam. everyone who watched from home or maybe shyly from the highway, and YOU for continuing to support what we do.

While you're waiting on that game and photo post, why don't you look into Asura, Night in the Woods or Firewatch? Links to everything below.

ap0c | (T-T)b | Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band | Geeks and Guitars

Thresher | Kira City

Asura | Night in the Woods | Firewatch

Photo credit J Tyler Phillips and geekbeatradio

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