Chipspace Guidelines

MAGFest Chipspace Guidelines

  1. Find the sign-up sheet & sign-up to perform!
  2. As soon as your name is called (i.e. HANG AROUND for it), come up to the stage & DO IT TO IT.
    Note #1: have your gear prepped & setlist squared away in advance to better utilize your time slot.
    Note #2: if you're not around when your name is called, you will be skipped! We may jump back to you if time allows.
  3. When your 10 minute time allotment has elapsed, grab your gear and step down from the stage gracefully/LIEK A BAWS/etc.
  4. Visit the Hug and High Five Brigade™ for various appreciations of your preference (hugs, high fives, brofists, facepets, etc).

Thursday (1/4): 2pm - 11pm
Friday (1/5): Noon - 11pm
Saturday (1/6): 2pm - 11pm

  • 10 minute set length from the time your name is called. AND DONE.
  • Plug-&-play only. Sorry, no convoluted setups. Gotta keep things a movin’ & a groovin’!
  • DON’T BE A DICK YO. Srsly, we’ll summon Neo Bahamut to nuke folk if we really must.
  • Stay awhile and enjoy the performances! Make new friends, dance around like a lunatic, jump up & down repeatedly, wave your hands from side to side, stand in a corner & glare peevishly, etc.

For more info, check out the Chipspace info page here & curated showcases page here.