From cool video game developer from the studio that brought you Rock Band to underground music sensation, Grimecraft brings a bright glossy mix of candied electronic voices and samples set to a tune of nerd nostalgia. Often hailed as the “Girl Talk of video game music” Grimecraft’s mashups transport you to a world of retro adventures reminiscent of the glory days of gaming. After escaping the developer payroll at Square-Enix in full pursuit of his craft, 2014 has seen the artist releasing a plethora of songs with some of the top net labels internationally including Maltine Records, Activia Benz, Hyperboloid Records, Foundations Recordings, and Magical Properties. A Mainstay to Dj CUTMAN’s video game remix imprint GameChops, and resident DJ at, he has captured the hearts of game lovers everywhere. With his unforgettable live performance at MAGfest 12 surfing the sea of people atop a giant inflatable orca whale, Grimecraft brings the party to infinite levels of hype.