Sushi Killer

Fresh from the Game Boy generation’s day dream, Ian Tsuchiura takes future music to the next level with Sushi Killer, a musical project stemming from his love for chiptune and live music. Originally starting his music proficiency through live music all throughout high school, Ian spawned the idea for Sushi Killer after throwing an 8-bit spin on Japanese Pop music. As his style would later evolve, Sushi Killer would go on to release a live chiptune/drum and bass mashup, ‘Zora,’ as well as his original future RnB tune ‘Waifu Dream.’ Ian’s eclectic musical tastes and stunning musical compositions would soon attract the attention of Canadian electronic label Monstercat, putting Sushi Killer in the spotlight with fellow future music hero Kevin Villecco on the retro future bass single, ‘Anime Bae.’ Wherever his adventures may take him, it can be certain that Sushi Killer will always serve it fresh.