bLiNd has been remixing video game music for over a decade. His latest album, Chozo Legacy, remixes Super Metroid and was premiered by Nerdist.

bLiNd has been producing dance music and videogame remixes since 1998 and gained early noriety on the website Overclocked Remix. Since then he has produced 2 full videogame soundtracks for the games Dragons' Odyssey and Klang. He produced the album 'NESterYears' for Gamechops and played at MAGfest 11 and 12 showing off some of his best productions. Recently he completed a new album under the title of 'Chozo Legacy' covering some of the best music from Super Metroid in the styles of deep house, future, breaks, and trance.

Some of the original music he has produced has been noted by Ferry Corsten and deadmau5 and his current catalog is growing at a rapid pace under his own label "Braille Records". He is known for hard hitting electro, trance, and drum & bass and is familiar with many styles, so fans expect a DJ set full of emotion and variety.

Currently bLiNd is pursuing more opportunities for future releases with Gamechops, the game remix label of DJ Cutman. Expect more solid releases to come from bLiNd in the future exploring new genres and styles of EDM.