MAGProm 3.0: Cabaret, featuring V-Jams

If you've been to MAGFest for the past few years, you may have partaken in our Thursday night "Prom" concert; an excuse to dress fancy and listen to fancy video game music and 80s tunes. This year we're spicing up the prom by giving it a jazz-fusion-steroidal injection, performed by V-Jams, a supergroup featuring members of The OneUps, Eight Bit Disaster, Rekcahdam, and many others!

What is V-Jams?

V-Jams is a one-of-a-kind collective of professional musicians from all over the country, with backgrounds ranging from hip hop, jazz fusion, R&B, neo-soul, classical, go-go and everything in between. V-Jams is all about rock-solid grooves and classic tunes from the Legend of Zelda, Doom, Sonic the Hedgehog, Killer Instinct and more.

Cabaret FAQ

What is the Cabaret?

We're not exactly sure! When we first started MAGProm, we wanted a reason to dress fancy and listen to classy-as-fuck VGM covers, so we made it up.
The year after, we still wanted to dress fancy, and we wanted to go to the prom from Back to the Future. So we did that. With robots!
This year, a whole bunch of crazy-talented musicians made a jazz super group, so it's a cabaret--what would you have called it?
It's all about putting on a ridiculous show you'll never see anywhere else, because no one else is crazy enough, and looking so good while we do it. You should come.

Is formal attire required?

While you're encouraged to dress as fancy as you want (fancy being a subjective term), you're under no requirement to do so. Have fun with it!

Do I need a date?

Not at all. You can bring whoever you want, or no one at all.

When and where is the Cabaret?

The Cabaret will take place the evening of Thursday, February 18th, in the main concert hall at MAGFest 2016.