Greetings MAGFestians, and welcome to the first-ever MAGLaughs! What is it? Well, it’s a stand-up comedy showcase featuring comedians from around the country who, well, let’s just say they know their way around their joysticks. Without further ado, let’s see our lineup:

Featured Comedians

Uncle Yo

Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer is a geek-specific comedian with more than nine years worth of touring his long-form "nerd-centered rantcore" stand-up comedy at gaming, anime, and comic conventions. Yo is an Off-Broadway-produced playwright as well as the showrunner for both puppet-driven fantasy sitcom, Dungeon Crawlers and the World of Darkness-based podcast series, Chroniclers of Darkness--available now on his Youtube Channel.

Oldtaku might recognize his screaming from various cameos alongside Channel Awesome's Nostalgia Critic Reviews, guest-spotting on Bennett the Sage's Anime Toolshed podcast, as well as the main villain in John Rambo's SchnozMan and Hole-Punch: the Justice Lease on Youtube.

With four albums, two DVDs, and a pile of Spotify and iTunes material for your consideration, Yo comes packed and primed to celebrate and scorn your favorite games. No cheat codes, no autosaves, maybe some grinding.

Sam & Bill

Formed in 2009, Sam & Bill make sweet NSFW comedy music together. Described as "musical comedy for people who hate musical comedy," their goal isn't just performing catchy tunes that makes you laugh; their music strives to make fun of both music and comedy--the very mediums through which they’re performing. Let that sink in. It's working out pretty well. They have performed all over the country, sharing the stage with folks like 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander and Tracy Morgan, Comedy Central's Dave Attell and Christian Finnegan, and SNL's Colin Jost and Jay Pharoah. Their upcoming album Sam & Bill Are Huge will be in stores soon, and you can pre-order it at

Tommy Sinbaz

Mixing a quick wit honed through years of improv comedy experience, raw honesty, and his own, odd outlook on life, Tommy Sinbazo has kept audiences laughing for more than 12 years. You’ll never know what Tommy’s going to say next--mostly because he doesn't either. His high energy, often off-the-cuff act touches on topics ranging from relationships and childhood to Transformers and crafting.

Over the years, Tommy has been selected to perform at The Laughing Devil Festival in New York and The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta, GA, as well as The Hoboken Comedy Festival in Hoboken, NJ. He has worked with many great comics including Brian Posehn, Kevin Meaney, and Ralphie May. You can catch him weekly on the comedy RPG podcast Laughfinder at

Bryan Preston

Bryan Preston, also known as the greatest man who ever lived, is a well-respected author, educator, comedian, lover, and rhetorician. Since his humble beginnings in Baltimore comedy, Bryan Preston has always been a shining beacon of wit, intrigue, and moral decay. He has had his hand in authoring feature films such as the critically acclaimed screwball comedy Driven to Succeed, while also creating and starring in three seasons of the much-lauded internet darling situational, high concept, super villain comedy Meanwhile at the Skull Base. When he isn’t being a whirling dervish of literary ferocity, he is dazzling audiences with his nuanced, laconic, pop-culture-laden standup comedy, opening for such notables as Hal Sparks, Ari Shaffir, and the original Cheerios Bee.

His unique, piquant sensibilities and razor sharp, incisive, terrifying observations make him, frankly, a pretty above-average party and podcast guest. When he isn’t busy churning out genre redefining masterpieces, he is inspiring America’s youth and dazzling audiences at clubs and colleges nationwide (Baltimore). Frankly, you wanted the best, but they couldn’t make it, so here’s Bryan Preston.

Chloe Ketchum

Hailing from Michigan, Chloe Ketchum's sharp wit, clever misdirections, and deprecating asides are bound to keep audiences chuckling. She has been performing around the country with nerd-improv and sketch team Overlord Media Group since 2011.

Noah Houlihan & Will Liam (+2 Comedy)

+2 Comedy is made up of the nerd comedy duo Noah Houlihan and Will Liam, who focus their comedy on video games, comic books, D&D, and all things nerd. +2 Comedy has been seen at New York Comic Con, Otakon, C2E2, Too Many Games, and in the rig for some cosplay pro wrestling. So funny, you will need a saving throw.

Fard Muhammad

Fard Muhammad is a knave of all trades--a stand-up comedian, computer programmer, actor, motion graphics designer, improviser, and voice-over artist. Born and raised in Chicago, he studied improv and sketch comedy with McKay Arts and stand-up comedy at Zanies Comedy Club. He also lost his stage-fright doing movie-scene karaoke, or "Movieoke".

In 2017, Fard will be seen in his first full-length featured acting role in Stoned Gremlin Productions' religious spoof film Jesus, Bro!, written by Brad Jones and Ryan Mitchelle. He also appears in multiple Channel Awesome series and related movies, including "The Nostalgia Critic," "Hagan Reviews," "Dragonbored," and "Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie."

Matt Nedostup

Matt Nedostup is a comedian and writer originally from New Jersey. He was the winner of the 2014 Slaughter Standup Summer Showdown. He is a freelance contributor to Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update and is the senior editor of Follow him on twitter @Nedostup.

Tommy Kang

Tommy Kang is a Brooklyn-born and Jersey-raised stand-up comedian and actor. He performs stand-up comedy all throughout top clubs in New York City and has appeared on HBO. And you can hear him regularly on his podcast, Comedy Llama.