MAGFest Versus!

Evil is about to turn this Dreamland into a Nightmare!

Despite being defeated at Castle Gaylord, Buff Von Stud-Horse is back, and this time he is here to destroy MAGFest candyland! He’s kidnapped King Donut, and is holding him deep within his salty castle! Despite leaving a trail of destruction and destroyed video games behind him, our sweet-toothed hero Mykki, with the help of her loyal challengers, will fear nothing as they come up against the evil equine dictator, and his minion: the Rock Knight!

MAGFest Versus is a game-show like no other, which pits you against other contestants in a test of trivia, video game skill…and maybe just a little bit of luck a chance to face off against Buff Von Studhorse himself!

The only question left is: do you have what it takes?

What is MAGFest Versus?

Last years' guests included: Matt Mercer, Matt Conn and Professor Shyguy.

Based on Nick Arcade (one of our favorite shows when we were young) this show is a fan remake of the classic concept, while showcasing the latest in games and technology available. Not only will you play games, but we will put you IN the game (should you make it far enough into Buff's lair).

We debuted our first show at MAGfest Laboratories in 2016, and since then it has toured all around! First at Super MAGFest in January 2017, then AwesomeCon and Momocon… but now it’s back for Super MAGFest 2018!

Even though we held two shows at Super MAGFest in 2017, both were packed out with a completely full house! So to ensure you don't miss our 2018 show, be sure to show up early to secure your spot! Not attending MAGFest but still want to check it out? Don't despair: we will also be streaming the show on Tiwtch (details to come).

Your 90s nostalgia trip, COMPLETE!

Oh boy, do we have a treat for you! We’re completing your 90s nostalgia trip in style. Not only with you get a fabulous trip to candyland, but your experience will be topped off by none other than the one, the only, the original Arcade host himself: Phil Moore!

When is it?

MAGFest Versus will be happening on Friday and Saturday nights Jan 5 & 6, 2018, at 8pm in Panels 3!

Can I participate as a contestant?

Yes you can! To register as a contestant for our Friday night show, you simply need to visit our booth at the MIVS area (details to come). Only those with the videogame skill and knowledge will be worthy enough to challenge Buff... the question is: do you have what is takes to take him on?

What games will be played during Versus?

MAGFest Versus! will feature indie games from our very own MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase (MIVS). These titles include:

  • Hastilude
  • Nothing Good Can Come Of This
  • Kingdom Bash
  • Zarvot
  • Battlesloths
  • Clash Cup Turbo

If you are considering becoming a contestant in MAGFest Versus! you can practice on any of these games at MIVS. Simply look for the Versus! posters at the game booth and get gud!

Our sign-up desk is going to look a little something like this.

Revisit some highlights from our 2017 show: