Shenmue: The Movie Remastered (Fan remake)

"Shenmue: The Movie Remastered" is a complete remake of "Shenmue: The Movie" which was included as a DVD with the Xbox version of Shenmue II. Since Shenmue had only been released on the Dreamcast, Sega decided that Xbox players would need a way to catch up on the story and gain some context for the events of Shenmue II.

In an attempt to smooth out the flow of Shenmue, they rearranged some scenes from the game, which ultimately messed up its canon. More importantly, in order to fit it into a reasonable run time, many scenes and events were removed entirely. This has always given me a great sense of disappointment toward "Shenmue: The Movie," so in February of 2016 I decided that by using modern emulation I could make my own version from scratch that would be far superior to the original. I've sweat many hours over this, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I hope you'll agree! Enjoy!
Remaster by Brett McFee of Mr .357

Run Time: 5 hours