Gavin Blair

A computer animation pioneer with over 30 years in the business, Gavin is one of the creators of ‘ReBoot’- the world’s first computer animated television series - and a founder of Mainframe Entertainment, world leader in computer animation.

Originally from the UK, Gavin joined Rushes Postproductions’ graphics department way back in 1984. Here he met and began working with future ‘ReBoot’ co-creator Ian Pearson, and together they created the ground-breaking CG pop video ‘Money for Nothing’ for Dire Straits. Over his 9 years in London, at Rushes and later at The Mill – the world’s first all-digital postproduction facility – Gavin created graphics and animation sequences for over 350 large-scale commercials, working on numerous award-winning projects.

Together with Ian Pearson, Phil Mitchell and John Grace, Gavin created and developed ‘ReBoot’, the world’s first computer animated television series. In 1993 ABC picked up the show and Gavin, Ian and Phil moved to Vancouver, Canada to produce it. The subsequent success of ‘ReBoot’ led to the founding of Mainframe Entertainment, a company that became a world leader in computer animation producing numerous animated series including ‘Beast Wars: Transformers’, ‘Shadowraiders/War Planets’, ‘Weird-Ohs’, ‘Beast Machines: Transformers’, and several direct-to-video features.

Gavin left Mainframe in 2002 and has been working as a freelance writer/creator and enthusiastic convention guest ever since.