Jan Johns

Jan Johns has played with herself for years...tisk, tisk you dirty minds out there. Jan has always played with sounds and characters since she was old enough to talk. She has lent her voice and acting skills to Dungeons & Dragons (Rogue), Fallout 3 (Lucy West, Clover, Sierra Petrovita, Bittercup), Broken Steel (Specialist Olin), Murdered: Soul Suspect, Fallout 4 (Scribe Haylen, Ellie Perkins, Colette) and soon to be released Mighty No. 9 (Dynatron). Recently she voiced a toy for Fisher Price that is sure to drive young parents batty. You can also hear Jan's voice on DreamworksTV: Public Pool, News That Doesn't Stink and as the lead voice on the soon to be released JetBear. Jan's passion has always been in creating characters and she can't fully wrap her heart and mind around the fact that her dream is now coming to fruition. She is grateful for the work and opportunities that have come her way and is very excited to see what her next characters will be. It is an honor to be a small part of this year's MAGFest!