Mike Rosson

A mirthful, piratical lad, Mike Rosson is an endless font of fun voices and outrageous humor. Mike put both to good use as the Cap’n Cable half of the legendary comedy duo The Video Pirates.

Mike’s vocal versatility has served him well in games, as he ruled the wastelands in FALLOUT 4 as the Minuteman Radio Voice and the Vault Tech Scientist, and in FALLOUT 3 as Colin Moriaty, Dr Lesko, Gob and all male Ghouls. Mike took to space and battled all five legendary original Starfleet Captains as various Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians and Borg in Star Trek: Legacy & Star Trek Conquest. Visually, he has appeared in films such as John Waters’ “A Dirty Shame” and the cult classic “The Better Half.”

Never to be found without his trusty ukulele at his side, Mike has written songs and recorded backup vocals with the band The Pheromones. He has performed on The Doctor Demento Show, and improvised several classic bits on air live with the late, great Wolfman Jack on his nationally syndicated show. Mike can be seen playing some wicked bluegrass with his band “The 5:30 Five.”

Mike has a tender heart, a quick wit, and is a pushover for the select few who call him by the nickname “Dad.” YOU however, can call him Mike, or Cap’n.