Josh Tomar

Josh Tomar, known to many by his last name alone, was an amateur voice actor on the internet through high school and college, spending much of his time and effort working on cartoons and games on He even received a solid bronze Tanky Award as Newgrounds User of the Year in 2009, which he claims is the coolest thing he will ever own. Ever.

These days he makes his home in Burbank, California where he spends his time as a professional voice actor and a Senior Systems Engineer. He's had the privilege of voicing Trundle and Greyor in "League of Legends", being the official announcer in "Skullgirls", Papin in Fairy Fencer F, Buck and Bomb King in "Paladins" and Yu Jin in Dynasty Warriors. He's also voiced a wide variety of indie game titles including Detective Grimoire, 2064: Read only Memories, Party Panic, A Hat in Time and more.

He's also dubbed a few anime, including One Punch Man, Sword Art Online, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. And if you saw the One Punch Man or SOA dubs on Adult Swim/Toonami, you may have even heard him voicing various TV ads for [Adult Swim] Games.

Still never one to forget his roots, he still proudly works on web productions like Death Battle, LittleKuriboh and Team Four Star's Abridged series and a huge variety of amazing animation projects by up-and-coming and established web creators alike.

He's really excited to be a guest at Magfest 2017 as this is his first time ever being invited to any event for his voice over work. He promises to keep his seat at the voice acting panel extra warm in case someone cooler shows up to take it.