Riverwash Demoscene

MAGFest is excited to welcome our first ever guests from Poland! They're apart of Riverwash, a multiplatform demoparty organized by the Polish demoscene, currently the biggest event of that kind in Poland, for all platforms. Special thanks to the Polish Embassy and Polish Cultural Institute for sponsoring this excellent opportunity!

Grzegorz “Fei” Juraszek
the longstanding organizer of the biggest Polish multiplatform demoparty, Riverwash.
Jakub “Argasek” Argasinski
a co-organizer of the biggest Polish multiplatform demoparty, Riverwash.

Demoscene is a digital art subculture born in ‘80, dedicating their efforts to create non-interactive, realtime calculated visuals accompanied by music, run in a form of executable programs on a wide variety of computer platforms (modern and retro ones). Members of this movement gather on meetings called demoparties, in order to participate in competitions for the best demo, best intro (demo with an artificial size limit, like 4 KB), music, graphics, animation, etc.

Demoparty — a meeting of demoscene related people and their friends during which competitions are run in several categories. Parties have been organized in Poland for 26 years.

So, maybe you are already familar with the Demoscene, but ever wondered how a demoparty looks like both from participants’ and organizers’ perspective? How to organize a demoparty, when your budget is tight? Is it easy to run a demo on a 30-year old computer? Why majority of them happen in Europe? And what’s this fuss all about?

“Riverwash: Digital Laundry” is a two part presentation led by Jakub “Argasek” Argasinski– a co-organizer of the biggest Polish multiplatform demoparty, Riverwash. First part will present selected winning works from Riverwash 2015 and 2016; second part will take a form of presentation with Q&A session for those interested in demoparty participation, organizing or digital art in general.