Yumiko Takahashi

Yumiko Takahashi will be performing an Akane concert with Saori Kobayashi in the Jamspace. Yumiko did the vocals for the ending theme of Suikoden II and songs from the Panzer Dragoon series. She also worked with Kobayashi as a vocalist for Crimson Dragon. Her singing accompanied by Saori's piano playing are a dynamic and moving duo. Check it out!

She began studying Japanese folklore since the age of 16, and in 1996 won an award from the Japan Folklore Association. After graduating from a design technical college, she became a CG designer and planner for games on PlayStation, Sega Saturn and PlayStation 2 for around 10 years.

Currently, she is a graphic designer and artist, while participating in AKANE as its vocalist. Her major works include Nobuo Uematsu Omnibus Album (Ten Plants), chorus vocals for Suikoden II (PlayStation), Panzer Dragoon Orta's anu orta veniya and Sakura Note for the Nintendo DS, where she sang the vocals for Machi.