Demoscene at MAGFest 2018

Bring your laptops! MAGFest is offering panels and a workshop to learn how to code visuals and audio to make demos together. What's a demo? Check it out!

Maciej Matyka

Maciej Matyka

Born in 1980 - scientists programmer, physicists, lecturer, educator. Maciej (maq / floppy) has been an active coder on demoscene for +20 years. He was the main coder of more than twenty demos and intros for Amiga and PC. In his professional life he is a scientist working on computer simulations in physics and, obviously, in his demos he tries to find a bridge between those two worlds.

Thus, he has been experimenting with physically based modeling in demos, for example: the Lattice Boltzmann method used in the tree effect in Crush (1st demo at Breakpoint), pressure soft body dynamics (1st demo at Symphony), granular matter in Kiten (2nd demo at WeCan).

He is an experienced speaker with long track record of talks given at many scientific conferences. He gave an opening talk at NVScene 2014 demoparty in San Jose, CA about real-time fluid dynamics.

Grzegorz “Fei” Juraszek
Fei is the longstanding organizer of the biggest Polish multiplatform demoparty, Riverwash. Demoscene — informal movement of digital content creators who produce graphics, music and software (demos/intros) — non-interactive presentations of (mostly 3D) graphics calculated in real time. Demoscene productions are distributed free of charge and without license limitations.

MAGFest is excited to welcome our returning guests from Poland! They're apart of Riverwash, a multiplatform demoparty organized by the Polish demoscene, currently the biggest event of that kind in Poland, for all platforms. Special thanks to our partnership with the Polish Cultural Institute New York and supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington DC and this awesome opportunity!

Demoscene Schedule:
Friday 1/5/2018
Introduction to Demoscene and Shaders - 7pm in Panels 4 (1hr)
Saturday 1/6/2018
Basic Shaders - Live Coding Tutorial - 12pm Noon in Panels 4 (1hr)
ShaderToy Workshop - 1:30pm in the Forge (2hr)
Sunday 1/7/2018
ShaderToy Competition Winners - 10:30am in Panels 4

Let's bring the world together to make our own demoparty for MAGFest 2019! Better get ready cause it's gonna be unlike anything we've ever done at Mag!

Photo Credit: Group photo from 2016's Riverwash by Szymon Dolmatow