MAGStock 7


June 8 - 11 2017

Where to Go

4400 Byrd Mill Rd.
Louisa, VA. 23093

Tickets: $

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What to Bring

Camping Essentials

  • A tent with enough room for everyone Or friends you trust with tents
  • Sleeping bag or something to keep you warm at night
  • Folding tables, chairs
  • Stuff to tie people stuff to other people stuff with (light-duty rope, twine)
  • Coolers
  • Food and drink (there are nearby stores, but you will be cooking stuff, or eating cold food)
  • Trash bags (So trash isn't all over the place, that would be gross!)
  • Bug spray (you know, "OFF"), citronela candles
  • Flashlights or lantern (battery powered highly recomended)
  • Extra batteries
  • Clothes
  • Swimsuit
  • A towel (you are a hoopy frood, rite?)
  • Extension cords--the longer the better
  • FM radio so you can listen to Main Events and Concerts!
  • Sunscreen because if you get sunburned on the first day the rest of your experience won't be MAGTASTIC

Extra Stuff

  • Portables (DS, PSP)
  • Cell phone
  • Camera for all the crazy moments
  • Extra money for goodies, pizza delivery, some other emergency
  • Hot dog/marshmallow sticks for the campfires
  • Plastic bins for washing dishes
  • Grill (small portable gas grill recommended)
  • Canopy
  • Consoles & Other Electronics (At your own risk!)

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Use common sense and be courteous. Also, be social! You’re here to hang out and meet people, so introduce yourself to others. If you see someone struggling, help them out.
  2. We decide the camping spots. We’re trying to keep track of where people are to help people find each other. So don’t move or spread into your neighbor’s area unless you get permission from both them and us.
  3. Small Country’s “3 pets per campsite” is per their sites, not our cells of assignment. You’re responsible for your pets, so keep them under control.
  4. Fire safety is a must. No unattended fires! Fires must be in a fire ring or pit. If there is not a fire ring or pit, find one! No setting random things on fire.
  5. No food? There are stores nearby. It’s OK to barter and share with others, but don’t expect/steal provisions. Do not sell food outright.
  6. Drinking (if you’re of age) is fine. Don’t drink to the point of belligerent or fall-down drunk. If you reach this point, we’ll ask you to go to your tent to sleep it off. Don’t puke on the moon bounce. No alcohol is permitted at or on the lake anymore.
  7. Dispose of your trash. We’re not your parents! We don’t want to ask you to clean up after yourself.
  8. Stay hydrated! Heatstroke will not be noticed until it is too late. CONSTANTLY. DRINK. WATER.
  9. We’re all crammed together pretty tight. Be considerate to others. Don’t beg, steal, if your neighbor asks you to keep it down, try to do so, etc. Don’t harass others at the campground.
  10. If you brought stuff to sell, don’t be pushy or shady about it. If you have more than a small table worth of things to sell, talk to us before you do it so we can assess the situation and help you.
  11. No attempting to drown people or items in the lake.
  12. No vandalizing the campground or anyone else’s belongings.
  13. Wear your wristband at all times while in the MAGStock area.
  14. Read and abide by the Small Country Campground rules.
  15. Also... No defecating in the showers, because, dude, really?