Metroid Metal

In a year inspired by the venerable Metroid franchise, what better way to kick off 2016's performer announcements than with the triumphant return of Metroid Metal to the MAGFest stage!

There isn't a better way, so we booked them.

Metroid Metal: born, raised, and rocking off faces at MAGFest is back baby!
Since 2003, Metroid Metal has been reinventing songs from the entire Metroid series. Featuring an all-star lineup of musicians:

  • Stemage - The man. The legend. The mastermind. And lately the sweet guitar jams you know from Steven Universe.
  • Chunkstyle - His mighty hands capable of great deeds. From caressing pure rock from a bass guitar, to fighting a bear to the death, man on mammal. He can definitely do at least one of those things.
  • Danimal Cannon - Yes. That Danimal Cannon. You may have caught him playing Due Vendetta and running across the entire concert hall last year. What's he going to do this year? We don't even know!
  • Kevin Lawrence - The man with the drum line that keeps everyone else in time; star of VGM shows, School House Rock cover bands, early morning coffee breaks, and attempted stage crew homicide.
  • Kirby Pufocia - You know him from approximately all the bands, including this one. He didn't ask to be in the band. He just shows up and starts playing when they do, but he's so good at guitar that nobody minds.
  • Surprise Guests - We don't know who they are. The band won't tell us. We’re not going to say that it’s a bear. But we can’t say that it’s not a bear.