Trev Wignall

Trev Wignall is equally at home on acoustic and electric violin. Melding influences from classic video game soundtracks (Metroid, F-Zero, Chrono Trigger), Jazz Fusion and EDM, Trev Wignall takes the electric violin to where it’s never ventured before. Expect Steve Vai-esque virtuosity with a generous dose of the feels, complete with intricate effects design.

Trev collaborates with his brother Dylan Wignall. Dylan Wignall is a sculptor who works in digital and physical space. His work is born of a love of the raw form, and the belief that the 'digital' and the 'physical' are different projections of identically 'real' spaces. His work engages anatomy, death, machinery, magic, and video games.

Together their work features ominous and ambient atmospherics living in harmony with an uplifting, confident, and poignant aesthetic.