Tupperware Remix Party

Happy New Year from MAGFest music, or shall we say TWRP-y NSP-Year! X3

No...probably shouldn't say that...it barely makes sense.
The important fact is: we're ringing in the New Year in style with a Voltron-like fusion of musical awesomeness.

Ninja Sex Party and Tupperware Remix Party together on the MAGFest main stage. It's gonna be like, a Tupperware Ninja Sex Remix Party!

The retro-electro synth-rock group that is TWRP has been bombarding dance floors throughout Canada and across the world since their conception in 2007.
In witnessing one of TWRP’s over-the-top live performances, the diverse influences of the costume donned quartet’s unique style become clear: 80s music & pop culture, old-school funk, modern electronic, and rock n roll. The group’s highly dance-able music is fused with excellent musicianship, showmanship, ultra-positive hi-jinks, and tongue-in-cheek humour.