This Place is Haunted

At MAGFest 4 a new challenger emerged to open the festival with a fury unlike anything experienced at a game concert before. Criticized and revered across the globe, This Place is Haunted continues to bring their unique rock visions of the world's most exciting music to the stage with every evolving passion. The band has taken on many faces but always remains the brainchild of Epileptic Peat (8 string bass, ala You Bred Raptors?) and Michael Zucker (guitar). This year the group welcomes returning keyboardist Geoff Barone as well as new haunts Rex Anderson (guitar, ala Random Battles) and Zach Schmidlein (drums, ala You Bred Raptors?). It has not been an easy road for the band but they just suck so hard at giving up. Now stationed in 2 cities (Queens, NYC and Boulder, CO) across the continental United States (Fuck you Alaska), the band still has lots Skype sex and uses the Pony Express to deliver erotic letters laced with music and perfume. Distance can't keep a good band down for long. And just like every other year, expect something completely different and satisfying. Don't get confused by the bitchin new material or the new lineup... they still know how to sweet-talk your little sister into butt-sex. Like a musical glory hole, This Place is Haunted will leave you warm, satisfied and full of shame for not knowing about us sooner.