Those Who Fight

The state of the world is in chaos. Under the leadership of General Bizan, the Malacian Army continues its march throughout the northern continent giving only two options: convert to the Empire of Malacia or die. Those who stand up for this unjustice, who speak and act out against these acts, those who are labeled as resistance, Those Who Fight seek to bring an end to this tyranny.

Those Who Fight have taken their respective passions from musical theater, rock operas, video games, and storytelling and put them all into a blender to make one of the craziest concoctions known to the human palette. They have written an all-original "Final Fantasy-inspired" story with all-original characters with progressive rearrangements of well-known and also overlooked Final Fantasy tunes. Just like their song selections, they are comprised of both heavy-hitters as well as newcomers to the VGM scene. Their very first concert will be at MAGFest X, and there honestly couldn't be a better audience for them. Whether you are a fan of Final Fantasy, video game music as a whole, rock operas, or any and all of the above, Those Who Fight is the band for you!