Knight of the Round

5 years ago, ex-Iscariot guitarist Justin Taylor began making "metal covers" of Uematsu's Final Fantasy music to familiarize himself with recording and mixing. Years later, the "solo Knight of the Round project" has evolved into a VGM band like none other. An absolute metal powerhouse, Knight of the Round features some of Northwest Indiana's most accomplished musicians, Knight of the Round blends the speed and aggression of Thrash Metal with the precision and technicality of Math Metal while throwing in bits of Symphonic Metal and Power Metal to create what just might be the heaviest, most epic video game music anyone has ever heard. KOTR draws influences from bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Testament, Meshuggah, and Rhapsody of Fire while still paying homage to the timeless original scores from Final Fantasy. Having already been featured on sites like OverClocked Remix, KOTR is ready to make their debut con performance at MAGFest 11. They're also releasing their debut full length album "Gaia's Bane" in October 2012. You've never seen or heard VGM like this, Kupo!