My Parents' Favorite Music

My Parents Favorite Music has created music since 2000 and has released 3 albums independently, with topics that span the spectrum of nerd and hip-hop culture. With subjects ranging from Kool-Aid and coffee, to robots and Otaku, all backed by familiar video game soundtracks, MPFM strives to deliver a unique experience in which the audience will never forget. MC and Steffo bring a spectacular amount of energy with live drumming, clever wordplay, and a stage presence ensuring every audience member will feel like part of the show.
MPFM has performed shows with nerdy and video-game-music based acts such as: mc chris, The OneUps, Peelander-Z, MC Frontalot, Random aka Mega Ran, MC Lars, The Protomen, ANAMANAGUCHI, brentalfloss, as well as appeared in the 2008 Nerdcore hip hop documentary "Nerdcore For Life" directed by Dan Lamoureux.