On Being Human

Formed in Murrieta, California, the band On Being Human is made up of composers: Travis Baker, Beau Trembly, Greg Lesondak and Greg Johnson. Their music and orchestral compositions have been featured in films (The Package Vol. 1, Lockdown: Red Moon Escape), television (Discovery Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel) and video games (Rocket Racing League, AMBL, Galactic Bowling), as well as several other international documentaries and commercials.

After living in Germany for seven months, writing their debut album, the band returned to the States as Hot Topic's Band of the Month, and, because of their love for video games and video game soundtracks, they began covering and writing remixes of their favorite video game themes. With this material, they created an episodic show titled "The Humans are Coming", for RetrowareTV.com. Their cover of "Ken's Theme" from Street Fighter II was hosted on ScrewAttack's homepage, featured as "How the Big Boys Play Street Fighter", and their second episode, a cover of the "Intro" and the "Prelude" from Super Metroid, was hailed as an "Epic Rock Ballad" by GameTrailers.com, and a cover that "Will Blow Your Mind" by NintendoLife.com.

As On Being Human continues writing their sophmore album, "In Search of Adam", they continue writing music for film, television and video games. Be sure to check out their latest release of episodes every month on RetrowareTV.com.