Awesome Force

Sean Baker is Awesome Force; a guy with some Game Boys, a laptop, and a dream. Inspired by the "awesome force" that is the cosmos, Sean melds powerful rhythms with bittersweet melodies to create an aura of sound that evokes wonder, curiousity, and sweet dance moves.

Awesome Force came into being in the spring of 2008 as his tenure as the drummer of a post-hardcore band was coming to an end. Since then, he has played in dorm rooms, movie theaters, bars, and on the internet. His most notable live performances include Toronto's Nuit Blanche festival, his hometown of San Diego, and with the great chip artists of Cincinnati. He has also played BRKFest 2012 and 2013, and is a regular on the monthly Clipstream webshows.

When he is not ripping the chip, Awesome Force can be found reading the news, watching Netflix, or walking his dog around his new home just outside of Kansas City, Missouri.

(Photo credit: Marjorie Becker at Chiptography)