Dethlehem...a band of warriors on a quest for one of two things: achieving maximum XP or delivering face-melting metal, whichever comes first. When their home realm, Ghorusalem (Pittsburgh, PA), fell to an ancient evil, the group of heroes rose together to do battle under the cursed sky! Influenced by melodic metal, progressive rock, maidens in distress, epic solos, RPGs, and delicious ale, Dethlehem brings a unique, tongue-in-cheek stage show to each realm they visit. Huge foam sword battles in the crowd, an 8' tall fog-breathing stage dragon, treasure goblins, and beautiful maidens are not at all uncommon. Dethlehem's light show, harnessed by studying ancient spell-books known today as "Manuals For Operation," adds to the intensity.

Dethlehem has been leveling up, combining metal, comedy, partying, and fun into an entertaining stage show. Since being selected as a finalist in Metal Insider & Scion's Top 20 "No Label Needed" unsigned metal band contest in 2010, Dethlehem has picked up momentum with plans to increase their already busy touring schedule. These RPG-Metal warriors have shared the stage with the likes of GWAR, Gojira, Protest the Hero, Powerglove, Alestorm, The Protomen, Last Chance to Reason, Dio Disciples, 3 Inches of Blood, and more! Level-up with Dethlehem at Magfest 12!