Final Stage

Long ago, a nation of musicians ruled by a cruel and ruthless dictator shuddered under his iron fist. The choice for its citizens was a harrowing one: submit to a lifetime of oppression and misery, or face exile to a desolate land of sorrow. It was an inescapable reality that had become accepted over thousands of years.
Banished from the country and inspired by the injustice, four ex-patriots built a new empire with the promise of freedom, equality, and musicality. They enlisted the help of a carefully selected, diverse group of mercenaries possessing superhuman powers to lead their fledgling dominion:

A wild, untamed guitarist with power over electricity; a drummer from the frozen tundra who controls time itself; a beautiful keyboardist whose allure surpasses that of a Greek Siren; a bassist capable of shaking the very Earth on which we stand; a utilitarian saxophonist possessing the dexterity to wield a variety of weapons; and a violinist who plays with such speed that her strings heat to led-melting extremes.

The council of six now assembled, the initial stages are complete. They now prepare to enact the ideals that led to their exile; they now prepare to enter the Final Stage.

A mission as important at MAGFest requires the enlistment of a specialist. Joining Final Stage on keyboards will be the composer for Red vs. Blue, Jeff Williams.