The Megas

Forged in the fires of unemployment and single life, The Megas took mortal form in the summer of 2004. Their goal: to create a band that repelled chicks rather than drawing them.

In the future world of the year 5021, the powers that be would listen to The Megas to gain strength. A religion was formed around their music called the Blue. Brian DiDomenico was sent back in time by the Blue to add some more depth to The Megas’ sound.

Church wandered in one day when The Megas needed a drummer and sat at the drums and started playing. To this day no one knows where he came from.

Greg is a machine posing as a man. His brain is made of internet. His heart has more internet. When he smiles he does it to make the humans feel more comfortable.

Eric is actually a male model hired by The Megas. His hair is made of gold and his body is carved from marble. If The Megas had more money they would just hire more Erics and the band would be five Erics.

Josh is tall. His height is more hilarious than useful. He comes from a clan of mountain giants called the Gangles. He was the shortest Gangle.

These five dudes and bros return to MAGfest to tell their story. A tale of the fight between good vs. evil... blue vs. red... beard vs. bald. The legend of MEGAMAN!