This Place Is Haunted

Hi, my name is This Place is Haunted with Dateline NBC and we are doing a story on adults who play video game music aimed at minors.
What are you doing here today?
What exactly was your plan here?
Why did you bring wine coolers, multi-colored condoms in bulk and dusty NES Cartridges?
Is your screen name "LickMyBAWLs69"?
I have a transcript right here with some pretty explicit messages and pictures you sent to the Magfest Message Boards: Here you say "I know you are only 12 years old, Magfest but to me, you're all woman" and "I'd like to watch you get it on with my friend 'DickCannon' sooo bad FAP FAP". Welp, we heard your catcalls and we are here to oblige. TPIH is back being sexy decoys for their 8th Magfest appearance. With our strongest core lineup and ALL NEW material of VG, film and TV themes (including a brand new Magfest EP!) we just can't help but make up for lost time. Have some sweet tea and cookies while we slip into something more naughty.
Didn't you miss us?