Viking Guitar

Erik Peabody has worn many hats throughout his life, but his favorite by far is his viking helmet. Under the name VIKING GUITAR, Erik has channeled his life-long love of metal and video games into a unique hydra of a beast. Using equal parts intensity, emotion, and self-parody, Erik has released three albums and countless singles under the VIKING GUITAR banner, including game and movie remixes, and original compositions.

Now, VIKING GUITAR has evolved from a solo act to a full band of merry men. Grant “Stemage” Henry, Ryan “Mega Beardo” Postlethwait, Travis Morgan, and Adam Henry have joined forces with Erik to turn VIKING GUITAR into the multi-headed beast that it always wanted to be. Their premiere performance at MAGFest XII will crush your bones, burn your village, and put a damn beard on your face. KEEP THE WORLD METAL!