Do a Barrel Roll

Do a Barrel Roll!'s colossal orchestra-rock sound is rooted in the valiant hearts of 7 warrior-musicians (ultra rare) assembled from the farthest reaches of the universe. Led by Cirro "Zero" Nimbus, DABR! formed to crush evil and protect the young, innocent planet Earth with the mighty strength of classic video game cover songs. Heroes from Kanto, Tamriel, Eagleland, DK Island, Lylat, and beyond have joined forces to bring you the live videogaming experience of a lifetime featuring electric guitars, synths, trumpet, violin, a powerhouse rhythm section, and original sound samples from the classic games to top it all off. Boy howdy do they look good while doing it!

At their live events, these barrel rollers (who prefer to press Z, but also use R when necessary) encourage the audience to play some classic videogames from the front row while the band blasts their favorite hits from the soundtrack at their faces. Barrel Roll covers popular VGM like Zelda, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and the like but also takes pride in bringing to life often less-covered soundtracks such as Earthbound, Diddy Kong Racing, Turtles in Time, other unsung heroes, and of course--Star Fox. This "Super Smash Band" combines music from all different game franchises and unifies them under one name. Their unique and intricate arrangements are unlike any other VG band out there.

While they may be new to the MAG scene, the Heroes of Lylat have been hard at work saving the universe for some time now (putting out music whenever they are able--spaceship maintenance is quite cumbersome). Having been featured on OCRemix summer '14 release "Shell-Shocked" for TMNT IV, as well as putting out their 2nd album in June "Boss Rush," Do a Barrel Roll! is picking up steam as they head towards announcing their 3rd special upcoming release at MAGFest this January!

Be a hero! Point the sky! DO A BARREL ROLL!