Double Ferrari

Half the musicians of Bit Brigade get into a Ferrari parked on one side of a desert highway at sunset. The other half get into another, identical Ferrari, parked in the opposite lane of the same highway, right next to the other Ferrari. Both cars are facing the same direction. Engines ignite and they begin to drive forward, simultaneously. Quickly speeding to a blur, all eight hands grasp steering wheels as the inner edges of the Ferrari duo slowly ascend, tires joining at an apex like hands grasped in a test of strength. The roaring auto­pyramid is now one object: a Double Ferrari. The Double Ferrari moves faster and faster, dislodging from Earth's gravity as it reaches the horizon, finally eclipsing land altogether and hurtling immediately into the sun. Not the sunset. The sun.

Hailing from Athens, GA, Double Ferrari is Bit Brigade's original music band, though they've promised to rock some vgm medleys from at least a couple of games that Bit Brigade fans have been asking for for years.