On Being Human

Combining electronic and orchestral influences with a traditional hard-rock approach, On Being Human has carved out a new and innovative sub-genre they call "Adventure Rock."

The band has a strong gig schedule, a compelling presence on YouTube with a slate of powerful video game remixes, and a back catalog of accomplished music releases. With its focus on sci-fi and fantasy themes, the band’s music has turned up on major film and video game soundtracks. In the winter of 2013 On Being Human released their self-produced EP, eVe, recorded at Alchemy Studio in California with new videos executive-produced by Qatar-based Innovation Films.

Hailing from Murrieta, California, On Being Human features five talented musicians: Travis Baker, Beau Trembly, Greg Lesondak, Gustin Flaig, and Greg Johnson. Each has his own distinct musical roots and a passion for composing, playing, and producing original scores and noteworthy songs. The band has evolved over the years, and a pivotal part of the On Being Human adventure began with founding members Trembly, Baker, and Johnson moving to Hamburg, Germany in 2009. During the next seven months of living in the city where the Beatles developed their sound, On Being Human wrote their debut album, then returned to the States and released To Light the Coals of Hearts. In the wake of this release, Hot Topic named them Unsigned Band of the Month for July 2011.

In late 2012 the band was invited to Doha, Qatar where their music was featured in four movies produced by Innovation Films that all premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Aside from touring as a band, On Being Human are established composers and their scores and orchestral compositions are featured in the following TV shows, films and video games: The Package Vol. 1, Lockdown: Red Moon Escape, Rocket Racing League, Alien Monster Bowling League, Galactic Bowling, and Top Hand Rodeo Tour.

In the beginning of 2014 On Being Human released their first album of video game remixes called “The Humans are Coming Vol, 1” and played their renditions of some of their favorite video games (Final Fantasy 4, Zelda II and Goldeneye 64) on the MainStage at MAGfest 12. They were also recognized by Musicians’ Friend as their first official Band of the Month for January. Currently On Being Human is working on tracks for their follow up LP “In Search of Adam” under producer Arnold Lanni (Simple Plan, Our Lady Peace) at Alchemy Studios as well as a 2nd album of video game remixes.