Rare Candy

RARE CANDY is a veteran Baltimore based video game music tribute powerhouse, ready to hit you with a hyper beam of reality shaking video game music tributes!

FARE SANDY returns to MAGFest with a vengeance equipped with 8 minute long medleys, a huge catalog of songs, an electrifying live stage presence, AND a brand new album! That's right. FAR CRANDY is releasing their long delayed and anticipated 2nd full length album, FINALLY. FINALLY, it will be released. Oh yea the album is titled FINALLY.

Get blasted in the face with Metriod, Xenogears, Super Mario World, Chrono Trigger and brand new songs not on the new album because we learned them just for you, MAGFest. Nice.

Finally, you can get your hands on FINALLY finally, and finally you can experience the non stop thrill ride that is FINALLY and CARE RANDY, finally.