The Megas

In the future world of the year 5022, the religion known as the Blue called Brian DiDomenico back from the past to give him notes on his synth parts. However it seemed they just wanted some creative influence over the Megas' records, because their notes weren't very constructive and pretty wishy-washy. This was particularly frustrating to Brian who lost just a little bit of his mind every time he was called back and forth through time to be micromanaged. He kept running into Brad Pitt who would act crazy and had a lazy eye.

Church wandered away for the better part of a year until he wandered back in during Megas practice. The rest of the Megas could see that Church had gained a number of cuts and lacerations as if he had had a fight to the death with some large creature. When one of the Megas inquired about his wounds Church stared at his man hands and said, "I had to say goodbye to a friend." He picked up his sticks and counted the Megas off into their first song.

Greg's circuitry began to malfunction. He was now experiencing what seemed to be emotion. The other Megas started catching Greg watching cat videos. Because he's a robot, all of Greg's hair is carefully glued onto his rubber body to simulate a human man's body just before every Megas show.

Eric renegotiated his rate to the Megas. He is now the world's highest paid male model in a band. He also has a side business selling his hair clippings to those "Cash 4 Gold" places.

Josh recently received a letter from his clan of mountain giant family of Gangles. It explained he is a not of Gangle true birth, but was found in a derelict spacecraft that had crashed on earth. It seems that the sun's yellow rays give Josh the power of height. His height is still more hilarious than useful.

The Megas are a band that play songs about Megaman.