Up next for the MAGFest 2016 chipmusic line-up, it’s Ap0c!!

While you’ve likely encountered Steve, his Tuba, & his math flavored chipmusic in and around 8static, Chipspace, and the internetz, you’ll now have the pleasure of experiencing his special form of “Listencore” at main stage MAG! Make sure to wear your favorite #BTTF cosplay to the show to celebrate the occasion, or you could end up with a Haunted House….

“That’s a nice MAGFest set you have there. It’d be a shame if something were to happen to it….”

As a Brave Wave artist and chiptune/game music composer, Steve Lakawicz (aka Ap0c) mixes neo-classical composition styles with gaming nostalgia. Ap0c uses tuba and synths along with Famicom and MegaDrive audio to explore failed social encounters, interpret haunting memories, and expose visceral emotions.

Joining him for his set will be special guest Kevin Ragone (Cheap Dinosaurs) on drum set.