Our third MAGFest 2016 chipmusic announcement is none other than coda!!

If you’re in & about the chiprealm in any form or fashion, chances are you’ve encountered Ken contributing amazing music to one excellent project or another; may’ve even seen him jamming live with virt on occasion, or throwing down something fierce at Chipspace last MAG. All good times for sure, but now you can finally see him on main stage MAG in all of his dancetastic, funkilicious glory. I know I’ll be there dancing myself silly. And so should you.

Otherwise coda will cry, and that’s not cool at all. Man can make some serious sad faces yo.

Cutting his teeth in chiptunes and the demo scene, Ken Snyder (aka coda) has made music and sound effects for indie games like Paint it Back, Llama in your Face, Alter Ego: Dreamwalker, and Stardash, as well as web games for Dreamworks Animation. He has contributed remixes to the official soundtracks of Mighty Switch Force and Undertale, and to official remix albums for Fez and Duke Nukem 3D. Current projects include the soundtrack to VIDEOBALL by Action Button Entertainment.

coda has been a regular attendee of MAGfest since 2008 and his eclectic style incorporates everything from funky and jazzy chiptunes to hard-hitting dance grooves.