MAG 2016 Saturday night Chiprave performer #5: Kubbi!!

It is rumored that the Norwegian wonder known only as Kubbi both rides astride warrior polar bears and flies atop the backs of magical dragons. Those rumors are, unfortunately, wholly untrue. The truth is that the wizardry that he calls “music” spontaneously causes both of those mystical creatures to be birthed. In space. With ships full of mead. Wearing space hoodies, like his in his bio pic. Man, that hoodie is cool.

Anyways, that’s the kind of magic you can expect from Kubbi. Miss his main stage debut at the Saturday night chip rave at your own peril.

Will be joined on stage by the ultra sexy guitarist Jonas Dam & the angelically voiced Live-Andrea Gjessen Rasch.

Since 2009, Norway based Vegard Kummen has put behind him no less than 7 albums under the name Kubbi. Eagerly blending lo-fi sounds with modern production Kubbi explores many corners of electronic music and its sub genres. Ethereal soundscapes or tail shaking beats, Kubbi covers it all with a melodic and nostalgic twist.