Mega Ran + K-Murdock present: RandomBeats!

Mega Ran Returns!
Mega Ran, aka Raheem Jarbo of Philadelphia is arguably the world\'s most well known video-game influenced hip-hop artist. Since signing an unprecedented licensing deal with international developer Capcom, the former teacher's high-energy shows and fun, nerdy persona have led to world tours, festival and video game tournament performances, and a legion of smart art fans he calls "Team Mega."

Mega Ran's newest release RNDM debuted at #2 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart, and ended the year 11th on CMJ's Year End Hip Hop Chart, above Dr. Dre's Compton, and several other notable releases.
Ran continues to bend genre definitions and reality with each release, and the sky is the limit. Mega Ran may have traded in the chalk for the microphone, but every song, every lyric, and every appearance is a lesson.
School is in...

And this time he's brought friends. The RandomBeats set will feature guest performances from: K-Murdock, SkyBlew, D&D Sluggers, Sammus, KadeshFlow, 1-Up, and more!